Our Ministries

Bible Teaching Ministries

Everything we do is centered around the Word of God. The Bible has the answer to all of life's greatest questions. For that reason, we have ministries focused on getting life's greatest truths to you through our Sunday School, Discipleship classes, Ladies Bible study, and our Bible-preaching Worship services. Our the focus is to help everyone know God better, build our relationship with Him, and strengthen our Christian life.

Outreach Ministries

After Jesus rose from the grave, He gave his disciples the Great Commission saying, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." God's desire is that everyone come to know Him as His Saviour. If people are going to be saved they must hear the gospel. For that reason, we have weekly Soulwinning opportunities  to reach to our community for Christ. We have an active Bus Ministry, trying to reach families who do not have transportation. Also, we support like-minded missionaries around the world through Faith-Promise Missions Giving.

Youth Ministries

Children's ministries are an large part of Grace Baptist Church. From Sunday School Classes for all ages to Youth Activities, there is always something going on for the kids. We believe we need to help the next generation know the Lord Jesus Christ, and learn the Biblical truths and values that will help them live a successful life for God.

Bus Ministry

Transportation is always available for our Sunday Morning services. Contact us

Kids for Christ

Each Wednesday, children ages 4-12  are welcome to attend our exciting kids' program of Bible teaching, songs, and games. 

Sunday School

There are interactive and fun classes for all ages. There is practical Bible teaching that is aimed at every level...adults included.


Our children are our most prized and valuable possessions. We offer a caring nursery for all of our weekly services for children ages 0-3.

Music Ministries

Jesus told the woman at the well in John 4 what true worship is. He said that true worship is in "spirit and in truth." We desire to honor and glorify Jesus Christ in all we do, and that includes our music. We still sing timeless Christ-honoring, conservative songs and hymns that are full of meaning and truth to encourage us in our walk with God. This music is full of life that draws us to Christ. We enjoy the music provided by our Church choir and our Children's choir that sing regularly in our services.